Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

This is going to be fairly short and sweet because I’m writing at my office before my work hours *technically* start. I have no idea how this weekend went by so quickly. Week… Continue reading

Marathon Training Week 3 Recap

This might be the most boring blog I’ve ever written because I don’t have much to say. I went back to work and it has generally been busy all around. I did make… Continue reading

Marathon Training Week 2 Recap

Another week of training down means I’m one week closer to the big day. The race is exactly 16 weeks away. That still sounds like a lot but I know the time is… Continue reading

Okay, This Time I Mean It: Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I was starting marathon training. But then I did a little more research and found a training plan that I liked better and… Continue reading

It Has Begun

As scary as it is to say, marathon training has officially begun. Technically it was supposed to start yesterday but it was too hot yesterday afternoon and I was grumpy. So I set… Continue reading

Happy National Running Day!

Today is a special day in a couple of ways. First, and most importantly, it’s Kiki’s birthday! Kiki has been my friend for more than 20 years. That’s so hard to imagine. Although… Continue reading

I’m Angry

Angry might not be a strong enough word for what I’m feeling. I’m infuriated. I’m definitely ragey. And I’m getting resentful. And it’s all because of my jerk of a back. After the… Continue reading

St. Michael’s Running Festival Recap

Last Friday, I ditched work a little early and hit the road to my parents’ new apartment in Easton. I love it there.  They’re adapting to being in a new place while still… Continue reading

Trying Something New

So that my blog doesn’t just become my incessant ramblings about every single run I do, I thought I’d take a new approach to some of my postings. I’m going to jump on… Continue reading

Frederick Running Festival Recap

Well, I’m a nut job. At least according to the folks who organized the Frederick Running Festival. And considering the wave of emotions I’ve been feeling the last few days, it’s probably pretty… Continue reading