I’ve been running now off and on for a little more than three years. There are times I love it (when you have one of those days where everything is in sync and feels blissful) and times I hate it (when putting one step in front of the other feels like the hardest task on earth). I LOVE races and you could almost say I’m addicted to signing up for them. My closet will soon be overrun by race t-shirts.

I’m also a writer so I figured what better way to practice my skills than with a blog where I whine about all kinds of things, especially all the body parts that start to hurt as I train for the Marine Corps Marathon. I live in Washington, D.C., where there’s a great running community and tons of beautiful places to run. My favorite? The National Mall, less than a mile away from my apartment.

P.S.  The photo at the top of my page is from my first ever 5K. I don’t remember my exact time (somewhere around 33 minutes I think) but I remember it was a fight to get through it. Now I eat 5Ks for breakfast. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.