I Left My Heart in the Windy City

A few months ago my parents and I were trying to decide where to go on  a family vacation. Dad was the one to suggest Chicago and it was a place I’d be… Continue reading

Best Weekend Ever!

Okay, maybe not quite ever but it was still pretty damn great. On Saturday, I met up with some old friends and some new ones to run the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge or ROC… Continue reading

The Office “Work”out (See What I Did There?)

As you may know, I recently moved to a new building at work. And after seven years, i have an office to call all my own. It’s even better than I had expected.… Continue reading

I Love Working From Home…

…hitting a wall, not so much. About that first part, I’m working from home for  the next few days because my office is moving to another building. Yay for my own office! In… Continue reading

Wild and … Wonderful?

The last couple of years, Joe and I have taken a trip the weekend of his birthday. Two years ago, it was Deep Creek Lake. Last year it was Niagara Falls. When I… Continue reading

Biggest Loser 10K Recap

I love “The Biggest Loser.” I don’t watch every single season but I usually watch a few episodes from every season. If nothing else, it helps motivate me at times I’m feeling low.… Continue reading

Boys Stink

In many ways, I am decidedly “ungirly” if you buy into the stereotypes of what makes someone “girly.” I have never had a manicure, pedicure or massage and have never really desired to… Continue reading

Running in the Dark

It had been more than a week (and probably closer to two) since I had gotten up at 5 to run. So this morning I dragged myself out of bed to get out… Continue reading

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Since I  hadn’t had a week of vacation time off in more than a year, I felt that I was about due. The only problem I have with taking vacation is that I… Continue reading

Summer Running Means Swallowing Your Pride

When we first moved to our place in D.C., I was convinced I was going to have to join a gym because a) I was used to running on a treadmill and b)… Continue reading