Across the Bay 10K Recap

After the marathon, I took a week off from doing any kind of running. Or any real physical activity period. I wanted to give my body the chance to rest and just enjoy the fact that I didn’t HAVE to do any kind of training.

I went for my first run (three miles) one week after the race. It was a cool and very windy that day and I was glad that we didn’t have to fight that wind during the marathon. After that I didn’t run again until the Across the Bay 10K on Sunday, although I did do some strength training and got into the groove of a new Jillian Michaels DVD.

On Saturday I stopped by the race “expo” at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis to pick up my bib and shirt. It was a little annoying that I basically had to walk around the whole stadium to pick up a few things, but it wasn’t disorganized and I got through it quickly. After that I headed to my parents’ place to spend the night. We had a nice afternoon checking out a few stores in Cambridge and enjoying a late lunch.

On Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30 to get dressed and eat a piece of peanut butter toast. Dad and I were out the door by 6. For this race, you can’t drive right to the start area so we headed to one of the shuttle satellite locations at Chesapeake College. Dad had no problem dropping me off and I was on a bus after a short stint in line and being patted down by a police officer. The morning shuttles were super organized and there were a bunch of buses waiting to get people to the start efficiently.

When we got to the start (just off the west side of the bridge), I hopped in a port-a-potty. I have to admit that I loved how organized this area was because the lines moved quickly and the way the potties were set up led to no confusion as to which line had the “right” to which potty, which sometimes happens when there are just a bunch of them in a long row.

As I made the way to the starting area, I took a quick picture of the bridge I was about to conquer.


It was a beautiful morning, if a tad cold.

I thought I had 45 minutes before my wave time but some of the volunteers were telling us we didn’t have to wait for our wave. So about 10 minutes after getting off the bus, I was off!

I had no goals for this race so I just took it nice and easy, especially since the first two miles are uphill. I don’t have my mile breakdowns handy but I believe my first two miles were somewhere in the 10:30 range.

Although the uphill wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, it still felt like a relief to hit the part of the bridge where it levels off. And then before I knew it, we were headed downhill! At that point I felt like I could just go into autopilot mode and cruise. My pace here dropped closer to 9:30.

I loved every single step of the run on this bridge. Everyone seemed to be having fun and most people weren’t taking the race too seriously. We were all just taking in the scenery and enjoying the opportunity to run on this amazing bridge. Lots of people were stopping to take pictures (there were a lot of selfies), myself included.




I hadn’t studied the race map that closely so I wasn’t sure of the exact path once we got off the bridge. We still had more than a mile to go so I was curious to see how it would wind down. We crossed a little foot bridge near Hemingway’s Restaurant, wound down the road near the airport, then crossed over an overpass and finished with a turn into a park.

After the marathon I thought this race would be a breeze. It certainly didn’t feel hard, but around mile 5, once we were off the bridge and the excitement started to dissipate, I kind of wanted to be done. I had a pretty good kick at the end, running the last .2 miles at around an 8:30ish pace.

Final time: 1:01:09 for an average pace of 9:51, almost four minutes over my 10K PR. But that’s okay. I wasn’t running for time and I stopped a few times to take pictures and once to take off my jacket (I actually got super hot in the sun at one point) and that turned into about a 45-second strugglefest for some reason.

Although I wasn’t running competitively, I finished pretty well overall.

4,986th overall out of 14,967 runners
2,471st out of 9,686 women
455 out of 1,520 in my age group

I got my big old medal and grabbed some water and food. (FYI, if you ever decide to do this race, there is water on the course, but they don’t hand it to you in cups. You can either refill your own bottle or drink from one of the improvised “fountains.” I didn’t drink while on the course but they seemed to work well from what I could see. And it’s way more environmentally friendly. Can you imagine if there were a bunch of paper cups blowing around on the bridge and into the water?)

My only complaint for this race was the disorganization of the return shuttles. There were about six satellite locations and it was hard to figure out exactly where you needed to be to find your shuttle. I was one of the first people on my shuttle back to Chesapeake College and the driver would only leave once the bus was completely full so I ended up sitting on the shuttle for about 30 minutes before it left to go back to the college.

Overall I would definitely recommend this race. It’s a fun experience even if it’s a little pricey. We were blessed with great weather. It wasn’t super cold or windy, which would have made this race a lot less fun.

So what’s next? Joe and I are doing a five miler on Thanksgiving morning (and my mom is going to do the two miler that day!) and then I’m doing the Jingle All the Way 5K in December in D.C. It was supposed to be an 8K but the organizers had to knock it down to a 5K because of some permit issues. And then we’ll continue training for the Anthem Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in March.

On top of that I’m getting back into doing some work with weights to tone up. And I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track my food and I’m already down about five pounds from where I was during marathon training!