Not Really a Recap

Week eight is over and there’s not much to recap. In the name of a mental break, I’m not going to recount every run I did. I ran a total of 14 miles this week when I was supposed to do 25.

Is it the best idea not to run all the miles? No. Will it have a major impact on my marathon? No. Instead of freaking out, I decided to try to be in the moment this week. I went out and had a great night with some great friends. I took a Saturday afternoon to stroll around Annapolis and enjoy myself. I’ve been eating healthier while still eating things I love and I’ve lost a few pounds. These are all the positive things I’m focusing on.

I don’t regret skipping some of my runs. But now that I’ve had a bit of a break, I miss my regular runs. I feel a bit off kilter having strayed from my plan. I’m ready to get back on track. I’m so excited for fall and cooler temperatures. Fall always reinvigorates me after the lazy and hazy summer days. This week, I’ll start week 9 of my training, which marks the halfway point of this training. I’m more terrified than ever of the marathon but I’m ready to dive into the second half as strong as ever. As bad as the last couple of weeks have felt, overall the first half of training went pretty well. I only missed three runs in first half of training, two of them this week. If I can stick this out just a little longer, I’ll get to race day as prepared as I can be. Joe is ready to kick my butt in the second half. And I’m reminding myself of who I’m running this race for and all those who have helped me get here. Ten weeks from today, I’ll be at that race. It will be the toughest physical thing I’ve ever done. But wow, what a feeling it will be to cross that finish line.