Marathon Training Week 6 Recap

This is going to be short and sweet because I really don’t have a lot to say.

The weather last week made the runs so super pleasant. And I think the cooler temperatures translated into a little more speed, which was nice because I feel like I’ve been moving like a slug.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Three miles. Because of our late night at the animal hospital on Sunday night/early Monday morning, I decided to sleep in on Tuesday so I did this run in the afternoon since the weather was nice. Got the miles done in 27:37 for an average pace of 9:12. That’s my speediest run in a while.  Got the last mile in at 8:51, the first time I’ve seen a sub-9 in a while. It was good for my shoddy confidence. I’m sure it was a combination of the weather and the fact that my body was fully awake. I sometimes think my morning runs require a mile or so of warmup for my body to really understand what it is I’m trying to make it do. I did have some ankle/calf pain due to some tightness during this run. It felt like my legs were burning when I stopped. But some stretching and foam rolling seemed to do the trick later.

Wednesday: Five miles. It was an AMAZING morning for a run. This run was  a little slower but the average pace was under 10. And I got the last mile in at 9:08.

Thursday: Three miles. Never felt like I got my breathing right but got it done. I turned this into a 5K because I signed up for a virtual 5K to benefit someone’s Marine Corps Marathon fundraising efforts. Far from my fastest 5K ever but still got it in under 30 minutes.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Seven miles. This was a step back week, so in theory this should have felt like a breeze. But mentally I wasn’t feeling it from the first mile. I dragged through 6.1 and walked it out to the end. Not my finest performance but I just didn’t have the mental energy that day. I beat myself up over it for a while but then I let it go. No use in holding onto negative thinking. Not every run will feel amazing.

Sunday: Cross training. Did two rounds of my own strength training circuit.

I’m already a little intimidated by week seven. I have to do six miles before work on Wednesday and 12 next Saturday. Oy.