Marathon Training Week 3 Recap

This might be the most boring blog I’ve ever written because I don’t have much to say. I went back to work and it has generally been busy all around.

I did make some pretty good food this week from the Runner’s World Cookbook, including a yummy breakfast that’s basically a whole wheat pita stuffed with turkey bacon, olives, chopped dried apricots, tomato and feta cheese. For most of my lunches, I had a tasty salad of spinach, sweet potatoes and turkey bacon with a dressing made of cooked onions and red bell peppers mixed with fresh orange juice and cumin. I made a few different dinners but my favorites were a healthier version of red beans and rice using brown rice and turkey sausage, and something called Chicken Not Pie, which basically is chicken pot pie without the pie part. Since I’m boring I don’t have pictures of any of these things.

This week’s training was a “step back” week. Every three weeks or so, the mileage on my long run for takes a step back. That gives me something to look forward to mentally every now and then.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Three miles. Back to the 5 a.m.  runs. Uuuugh.

Wednesday: Four miles. This was my hardest run yet. The humidity was absolutely killer.

Thursday: Three miles.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Five miles. Without getting into a long explanation, I did this runner later than I would have liked to and paid for it. This was more of a run-walk thanks to the heat and humidity. I probably walked about a mile or so of this. But I did make myself run more than I wanted to and ran up the steep hill next to the Capitol so there’s that. With the run-walking, my pace came out to about 12 minute miles. Not really proud of that, but at least I did get the five miles in. And I spent more miles on my feet after the run, probably for a total of about nine miles.

Sunday: Cross training. Haven’t done this yet. Might do some strength training and/or yoga later.

Total mileage: 15 miles.

Not much else to say going into the next week. It is supposed to be cooler later this week so there’s that to look forward to. Have a great week everyone!