Marathon Training Week 2 Recap

Another week of training down means I’m one week closer to the big day. The race is exactly 16 weeks away. That still sounds like a lot but I know the time is going to fly by.

I was off work this past week so I think that made this whole training thing a little easier. Last Saturday night, I left home for my parents’ apartment in Easton. I had a great time hanging out with them in their new hometown for several days. We did a lot of great things and ate some great food. We explored new places but got some time to relax too. I was kind of sad to leave on Thursday but I’ve been pretty busy since!

Last week’s training:

Monday: Rest day (aka, my favorite day). We went to Ocean City for the day and I indulged in one of my favorite things on the planet.

photo 1

Thrashers fries!

I also won this awesome hat in one of the claw machines.

photo 2

I think I’ll have to wear this in one of my races someday.

Tuesday: Three easy miles. I did this on the treadmill. Nothing exciting to report. This day, my parents and I explored Cambridge. I got to see the place where Harriet Tubman lived as a child, and possibly, her birthplace. Historians are a little unsure if she was born here or not. We also had the most amazing crab dip at Jimmie and Sook’s.

photo 3

Harriet Tubman historical site

Wednesday: Another three easy miles on the treadmill. On this day, we went to an old fashioned lunch counter in a pharmacy in Easton and checked out a local art museum. Mom and I also explored a used bookstore. I found this and obviously had to buy it:

photo 4

Thursday: Three easy miles on the treadmill again. I did this in the morning before Joe came to pick me up. Then we went to lunch at the pizza place in Trappe I mentioned several posts ago. Mmmm.

Friday: Rest day, which worked out well since it was Independence Day. Joe and I wandered around the Folklife Festival for a bit, went to the Museum of the American Indian, stopped for Fro Yo in Chinatown and then came home to a relaxing dinner. We decided to just watch the D.C. fireworks on TV (although we could see the highest fireworks from our window) and go to bed early.

photo 5

Amazing Kenyan plaster artist at the Folklife Festival.

Saturday: We got up early for my seven mile run in order to beat the heat. Once I got over seeing a nearly naked prostitute out in front of my building (sigh), I really enjoyed this run. The weather was AMAZING. Temperatures were in the low 60s and there was no humidity. Instead of shorts, I could get away with running in capris, which was nice. Weather like this is so rare in July that it was hard to complain. The first few miles felt a little tough. We (Joe followed on his bike) headed to the Mall, down to the Lincoln Memorial, over the Memorial Bridge, down the Mount Vernon Trail, over the 14th Street Bridge, through part of East Potomac Park, and then back to the Mall. I caught a second wind on the 14th Street bridge and felt amazing. I didn’t need any walking breaks and my pace (a comfortable 10:33) felt good. I’m hoping that this is a pace I can keep for a lot of these longer runs. Run was complete by 8 a.m. Then Joe and I went to get the car inspected and finally got our D.C. licenses, tags and registration. We got so lucky with this because the inspection went quickly and somehow we breezed through the DMV. I can’t remember the last time I felt like I had accomplished so much before noon.

Sunday: Cross training. Joe decided to give a run a try so we went to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling so Joe could run on the trail there. It’s too bad more people don’t have access to this three-mile trail because it’s gorgeous. It runs right next to the river and you get great views of all the boats, monuments and the planes taking off and landing at Regan. I decided to just do some walking on the trail. So between my 40 minutes of walking there and my 20 or so minutes walking to and from Giant, my 60 minutes of cross training was covered. It wasn’t difficult cross training but it was a great way to take advantage of more gorgeous weather.

Now that I’m preparing to go back to work, I’m hoping to ride this wave of enthusiasm into the next week. Back to getting up at 5 a.m. for early morning runs to beat the heat. And the heat is definitely supposed to be back this week. Ugh.