Trying Something New

So that my blog doesn’t just become my incessant ramblings about every single run I do, I thought I’d take a new approach to some of my postings. I’m going to jump on the alliteration train and thought I’d stick with a schedule like this:

Motivation Monday

Workout Wrap up Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Food Friday

I don’t know that I’ll really have an entry for each of these every week, but it gives me some sort of schedule to stick to (along with any race recaps or anything else I feel like writing about). And instead of just rambling, maybe some of these entries will actually be helpful to people. Or maybe to at least one person. Okay, maybe just my future self.

So let’s start with Workout Wrap up Wednesday.

That should be pretty easy. I have nothing to wrap up.

Shamefully, I haven’t run since my half marathon. I  knew I was going to give myself a few days off after the race, but I’ve gone a little overboard on that. I haven’t felt that motivated when I get home from work. Then Joe injured himself (sprained left ankle and possible gout [?!?!?!?] in his right toe) and I’ve been taking care of him. And then it was hot for a couple of days. And wah wah wah.

I’m not really too concerned that I haven’t been running though. The guilt is only now beginning to kick in, especially because I’m doing the 10K at the St. Michael’s Running Festival this Saturday. But I know I can knock out the 6.2 miles. And I know a PR probably isn’t in the works but I’m okay with that. If I approach the race with that mindset, it will  help me keep a positive attitude. I’ll try to get in a run in this afternoon just to shake out the cobwebs.

I’m also using this time to reset before I jump into marathon training because this officially happened yesterday:

I raised all the necessary funds for the Semper Fi Fund thanks to the great support of my family, friends and coworkers. I start my training on June 9 so I’m just going to take this time to enjoy what running I do get in and to give my body (and psyche) and bit of a break before the wear and tear it’s about to go through.

Happy Hump Day everyone!