Trying to Let Go of an Old Friend

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a soda drinker. And most of my friends know that I have a crippling Diet Coke addiction. I’ve always said that out of any food or beverage, this would be by far the hardest for me to give up. I’ve given up other things for a month at a time, like sweets or beer or chips. Those haven’t been that hard. But Diet Coke? I’ve never dreamed of it.

Basically, Diet Coke makes me feel like this:



For long enough, I’ve had people (especially Joe) tell me how bad drinking soda is for me. Yes, yes, yes, I know. When people start preaching about it, it starts to make me ragey. “Oh really? Diet Coke isn’t good for you? You’re the first person to ever tell me that. I’ll stop right now.” It really bugs me when someone starts to nag you about how bad certain things are for you. I mean, I’m not shooting heroin or something. The majority of us have some vice when it comes to food or drinks.  Shut up and just let me have mine. I don’t tell you to stop shoving cupcakes or Cheetos or whatever into YOUR mouth.

See how ragey I got there? You know why?

Because I’m currently in the process of cutting back my Diet Coke consumption.



For the first time in FOREVER, there is NO Diet Coke in my house. When I was at the grocery store this weekend, I told Joe that I wasn’t going to resupply my stock. He was shocked. I’ve been drinking less of it lately but I don’t think he quite expected me to ever reach the day where I didn’t keep one within arm’s reach at all time. But with this whole marathon training thing coming up, I figured I better try to stick with water so that I don’t actually die (still a possibility) or end up on the side of the road in some dehydrated, cramped up, twisted mass.

I haven’t cut out the soda completely yet. I still have one in the morning. It’s when I crave it the most. I don’t drink coffee or tea really so it’s my source of caffeine. So for the last few days, I’ve grabbed a soda when I got to work. I did cheat and have a second one on Wednesday when I met my Dad for lunch. But otherwise, my morning soda has been my only one for the day.

I haven’t missed it too much yet. I did start to feel the lack of caffeine yesterday. A co-worker came into my office to talk about a redesign of a website we’re working on and he might as well have been speaking Japanese. That whole energy shift will be something I have to deal with (and no, I’m not looking to replace my caffeine source with anything else). I’ve had a very slight, dull headache since last night, which might have to do with a caffeine withdrawal type thing. But it’s completely manageable.

Wish me luck on this journey. And hopefully if you see me around, I’m not too ragey.