Susan’s Wedding Weekend!

It felt like forever ago that Susan and I began talking about her wedding but it sure crept up fast! This past weekend I was so honored to be a part of her big day.

I met up with her on Friday afternoon to put together her favors. We knocked those out way faster than we thought so we had a bit of time to kill before the rehearsal. We did the only logical thing we could think of: watch Bridesmaids! That movie still kills me every time I see it. Thankfully I didn’t have a maid of honor meltdown like Kristin Wiig because Susan had everything so well planned and organized. It really was a stress-free experience. I have to admit though that I won’t miss going to David’s Bridal anymore.

The rehearsal was at 4 p.m., about the same time as the next day’s ceremony. It was beautiful but it was COLD. Since I refuse to break out my winter coat before winter, I went out there in a light sweater. Figured I had to get used to the chilly air since I would be wearing a strapless, knee-length dress for the ceremony. The rehearsal went seamlessly and then we were off to Macaroni Grill for dinner. Mmm carbs.

The next day I got my hair done, picked up Laura and lunch and met Susan at the hotel to get ready. We may have indulged in a couple of mimosas while Susan was getting her hair and makeup done. I don’t have a lot of patience for doing my own makeup so I think it took me about 10 minutes to throw on my face and five minutes to get dressed. Woo! Then Laura and I had to try to remember how to lace up Susan’s wedding gown and how to pin up her bustle. Thankfully, we did it without too many problems.

Since Susan couldn’t drive to Brookside Gardens for the ceremony (obviously), I got to drive her car. I don’t think I’ve ever been so focused on not crashing. Thanks to my awesome granny driving skills, we made it in one piece.

Before we knew it, it was time to start. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and a tad warmer than the day before. The ceremony itself was lightning fast, which was good because near the end I was trying to not visibly shiver.

And then it was time to party! We all had a good time drinking, eating and dancing. The only downer? When a Backstreet Boys song came on and one of Susan’s relatives told us he was FIVE when that song came out. Thanks kid for making me feel ancient.

Congratulations Susan and Lee on a wonderful wedding day!


Happy bridge and groom


It was a beautiful fall day for a wedding


Trying not to shiver


Bridal bouquet


With the bride, groom and wonderful friends


Me with that handsome guy I like to hang out with sometimes

On Sunday, Joe and I went to check out the Marine Corps Marathon. He had a few friends running it and we did manage to see one of them. We decided to run/walk around the course. We went from our apartment, stopped to watch people on the Mall, continued on to the Lincoln Memorial, went across the Memorial Bridge and over to the Iwo Jima Memorial for the finish. We saw the ceremonies for the top three male and female finishers. We checked out a little of the finisher’s festival, where Joe stuffed himself with five containers of the free watermelon they were handing out.

I have to admit it was inspiring to watch the marathoners. I was already toying with the idea of signing up next year but now I want to do it even more.


These are some of the speedy folks.


Cool shot of some of the runners on the bridge


Cheering people on as they run behind the Lincoln Memorial


Joe going across the Memorial Bridge. It was an odd feeling being able to go across it without being part of the actual race.


Joe with Miles, the MCM mascot. I’d just like to point out that he insisted on getting this picture.

We were going to try to take the Metro to the area near where one of Joe’s Marine friends was volunteering but the Rosslyn Metro station was packed. Instead we made our way back over the Memorial Bridge into the city. Joe wanted to catch the Giants game so we stopped into the 51st State Tavern in Foggy Bottom, where I was subjected to watching a game of field goals (zzzzzzzzz) but at least he bought me food and beer. Wooo!

By the time we walked home, we had been on our feet for at least nine miles. We walked a lot of it because we were carrying things but we did get some jogging in there. It was such a gorgeous day that I don’t think either of us really noticed how many miles we had put in on our feet.

This week is going to be a major running fail because I have some fun evening things planned, like a Top Chef event with the Smithsonian tonight, Night of the Living Zoo tomorrow, Halloween (not sure what I’ll do for that just yet) and the Marine Corps Ball on Friday. I guess that all just means my legs will be super fresh for the Race for the Parks 10K on Sunday!