A Wild and Crazy Weekend

Or about as wild and crazy as I get at this point in my life.

Another weekend has flown by and I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. But it was another great couple of days.

Joe and I ran eight miles on Saturday morning to prepare for our ten miler, which is now only six days away! Eeek! I was pretty nervous about eight miles for some reason. It sounded so much longer than seven . I wasn’t feeling quite 100% Saturday morning. Plus my Garmin was dead, which meant that I had to rely on my Nike+  app while running with my phone in my hand so I could keep an eye on our pace. I find that phone apps usually overestimate on the mileage a bit but I didn’t have much choice. I was pleasantly surprised that the run went pretty well. We ran to and over the 14th Street Bridge, up the Mount Vernon Trail, past Teddy Roosevelt Island, over the Key Bridge, through Georgetown, along the Waterfront, and to the MLK Memorial. It was a gorgeous morning and the time actually flew by. It didn’t feel like an hour and 20 minutes. We ran a few slower miles between miles two and four but every mile after that got faster. Our last mile was our fastest, coming in at 9:21. Our average pace was 10:04, right on target for what I’m hoping for the race.

By the time we walked back to our apartment, we had been on our feet for 10 miles. Tower of Terror Ten Miler, we’re coming for you!


Pretty views before crossing over the 14th Street Bridge


Running over the 14th Street Bridge


View from the Mount Vernon Trail


About to cross back into D.C. on the Key Bridge


Inspiring spot to finish. But maybe I should have cropped out the random lady at the bottom?

I am officially back in love with running. I am still kind of shocked that I can run eight miles without stopping considering I sort of fell off the wagon there for a while. Now I’m determined to stay on track for the races I have coming up for the rest of the year (all but one of which are longer than 5K) and I’m planning to train for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in hopes that it comes back to D.C. this spring. And don’t hold me to it but I’m flirting with the idea of the Marine Corps Marathon next year. I’ll continue to take advantage of cooler weather for longer weekend runs.

After our run, I took a quick nap and then it was time to head over to the Mayflower Hotel to get ready for Susan’s bachelorette party! It had a BEAUTIFUL lobby and friendly staff. We decorated the room to surprise Susan when she arrived and then had a few drinks while she opened her presents and we got ready.

We had dinner at Firefly, which had a cool atmosphere and delicious food. We shared the dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in bacon and the goat cheese gnocchi. I had the mini pot roast for dinner, which was the perfect meal before a night of bar hopping. Then we all split the red velvet cake, also tasty.


Cute way of serving the check at Firefly

Our first stop was Madhatter. It was kind of empty when we got there but that just meant quick attention from our super cute bartender. (P.S., they make these radioactive-looking drinks they serve in a large plastic top hat. Weird.) We had these scratch off dare cards so we did a few of those. We ran into another bride and bought her a shot too. We danced a little and then decided to head over to Cobalt, a gay bar in the neighborhood. It was a bit of a trek but it had a nice vibe and it was nice to be away from some of the sketchy dudes that were lingering at Madhatter. We hung out there for a few drinks and then decided to go back to Madhatter for the end of the night. It. Was. Packed. You could barely move on the dance floor and it was sweaty. And the sketchy dudes had multiplied. Just in case any random guy is reading this blog, it is NOT okay to just grab a woman by the hand/shoulders/hips to try to dance. with her And don’t dance hover behind a girl either. It’s just creepy. Below are a few more shots from the night, courtesy of Laura, without her permission.


Susan’s ready to go!


Dinner at Firefly


The sign seemed like a good sign (HA! Pun intended) for Susan’s marriage.


Our bartender making one of those toxic bucket drinks.


At Madhatter

Bachelorette 6

Fun at Cobalt. For the record, I was NOT double fisting. Just holding someone’s drink, I promise.


Cobalt again

I’m proud to say we closed out the bar and actually had to be told to leave after lingering for too long. Then we hit up Julia’s Empanadas and went back to the hotel. Finally, at 3:30 or so, we were in bed. Mission accomplished for Susan’s grand farewell to singlehood.

The next morning we had the most awkward breakfast at the hotel restaurant, but at least the food was pretty good. And then we parted ways, all in one piece I am happy to report.

To round out the weekend, I came home, took a nap, ate junk food and FINALLY watched a Redskins victory. A pretty good end to the weekend.

Next weekend we’ll be in Orlando for our race and I am so excited! It should be an awesome experience. And I’m just as excited for this:


Heck yes top 25! Go TERPS!