I Hate Sunday Evening

When Sunday evening rolls around, don’t you find yourself wondering where the weekend went? Somehow time flies by on the weekends but come Monday, when I’m sitting at my desk at about 3 p.m., I’ll wonder why time has suddenly stopped. I don’t feel like we really get 48 hours to enjoy ourselves. You get to enjoy Friday night and all of Saturday, but come Sunday, you kind of feel like the party is already over (especially when you know you can no longer look forward to watching the Redskins game, because inevitably, it will be another disaster). And Sunday night is the worst. The only redeeming thing about Sunday nights right now is Boardwalk Empire.

Anyway, we had another fantastic weekend. Even though Joe and I slept horribly on Friday night, we dragged ourselves out of bed early to get a seven mile run in before heading up to Baltimore for the Maryland-West Virginia game. Our ten miler is two weeks away so I figured we should probably, you know, keep up the training we started way back last week.

I was a little worried about doing seven miles because it’s been months since I ran that long. Six miles felt okay last weekend but not as awesome as I would have liked. But, miracle of miracles, seven miles felt GREAT on Saturday. It was cool and cloudy. And there were a ton of people out training, many of them for fall marathons. That was motivating. And we changed up our route. I can actually say we ran from our apartment to Virginia and then back into D.C. (That sounds pretty bad ass right?) Our course was a nice change of scenery. We ran from our apartment to the Lincoln Memorial, across the Memorial Bridge, along the Mount Vernon Trail, back into D.C. across the 14th Street Bridge, up to the Jefferson Memorial, into East Potomac Park and back around to the Jefferson again, then up the Washington Monument. It was an epic day because at no point did I have to tie my shoes or become grumpy. (Joe can tell you I can get quite grumpy when I’m not feeling a run.) I actually loved all of it. We did the seven miles in 1:10 and some change, so right on target for my 10-minute mile pace goal for our race. Our splits were kind of all over the place but I was happy to see that our last two miles were a couple of the fastest, with our last mile coming in at 9:22, our fastest mile by 23 seconds.


Map of our run. We doubled over part of this course around the Jefferson but the scenery was amazing.

When we were done, we walked about another 1.5 miles back to our apartment. We were kind of tired but we had to pack and take care of a couple of other things before getting on the road.

We finally got to Baltimore and checked into our hotel on the Inner Harbor. By the time we walked over to the stadium, it was after 3. We got to our seats just in time for the team entrances, national anthem, etc. And as soon as Maryland came on the field, it started to rain. I knew thunderstorms were in the forecast but I didn’t know that it was going to basically rain the whole game. It started to rain hard in the second quarter and Joe and I were completely ill prepared. No raincoats, no ponchos, nothing. So we just got wet. By halftime Maryland was up 30-0 (GO TERPS!) and it started to really pour at that point. We decided to leave our seats and get dry for halftime. But when the second half started, it was still raining really hard. We never made it back to our seats. We tried watching the game on the TVs near the vendors but it was kind of hard to see. So we decided to head back to our hotel to watch the end of the game on TV. We were drenched by the time we got there…and our hotel didn’t have the channel the game was broadcast on. So I had to stare longingly at the stadium from our room. We didn’t miss too much though, just one more Maryland touchdown. (4-0!!!)


View from our seats as the Mighty Sound of Maryland takes the field.


And the view of the stadium from our room. I was kind of mad at myself for leaving the game early so all I could do was look at it longingly.

While we were back at our hotel, Joe fell asleep because he’s cool like that. After I managed to get my jeans fairly dry (the only pair of pants I brought with me for the weekend), I woke him up so we could get dinner. Since it was still raining, we went to Kona Grill, which was nearby. The food was pretty tasty but by the end of our meal, we could barely stay awake and I was suddenly really stuffy. I was asleep about 10 minutes after we walked into our hotel. We couldn’t even make it out to the bars with our friends. (Sorry Laura and BJ, Joe and I just can’t hang anymore!)

Since we went to sleep at 10, we were both awake by 7. We showered, packed and checked out. Then we hit up a place called Miss Shirley’s Cafe for breakfast. It was fantastic and we got to sit outside (of course it was gorgeous out the day AFTER the game). I had a mimosa and a sandwich with a fried green tomato, fried egg, cheese, avocado and bacon served on pumpernickel bread. SO tasty. Joe had their specialty, which was rated by the Foot Network as the best breakfast in Maryland. It was a filet served on fried green tomatoes with hollandaise sauce and the best grits I’ve ever tried.


My mimosa and Joe’s apple juice, which looks kind of like beer.

After breakfast, we hit up the National Aquarium, which I hadn’t been to in years. It’s gotten pretty pricey but it’s still a great place to visit. And then we hit up the Under Armour Brand House, where I treated myself to a new headband, Maryland flag socks (Maryland pride, duh) and, ironically, a rain coat. They have a lot of cool items, some of them branded specifically for folks from the great state of Maryland.


Wishing I could live under the sea




Far less cute is the jellyfish

Joe and I then raced home to try to catch the Redskins game. We didn’t get home until close to halftime but it didn’t really matter anyway. Another loss means this season is probably going to turn out like so many other disappointing seasons of the past. Sigh.

And since we haven’t been grocery shopping in a couple of weeks, we dragged ourselves back out to stock up. For dinner I made some pretty yummy Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers, although I used ground turkey instead of beef. And then for lunch this week I made Olive and Chickpea Salad. Olives, chickpeas and feta cheese are three of my favorite things so I knew I couldn’t go wrong.

And now it’s Sunday evening. But at least there’s still Boardwalk Empire to look forward to…