A Glorious Fall Day

It finally feels like fall! I’ve been waiting for this weather for weeks. I think part of the reason my running dropped off was because I was tired of the heat and humidity. So I was quite happy the temperature was in the 60s when we went out for our run this morning, even though we didn’t get out the door until about 11:30.

I know in my last blog I said I was supposed to do the Dulles Day 5K. Vanessa had something come up and she wasn’t able to do the run. My plan was to still do it and just have Joe run with her number. But earlier this week I lost the access card to our parking garage. That meant that I couldn’t get in or out of the garage after 7 p.m. on weekdays or at all on weekends without a new card. My new card was only mailed yesterday so I had been hoping to find street parking on Friday when I came home from work but there were no spaces nearby. I had to park the car in the garage, which meant I wouldn’t be able to get my car this morning for the race. So instead of getting up super early, I slept in. Darn.

Joe and I headed out with a plan to do six miles. Our ten miler is three weeks away so I figured I better get it in gear (because three weeks in plenty of time, right?). And six miles is much easier mentally and physically in the cooler weather. We ran down toward the Mall, behind the Lincoln Memorial, and then down the trail toward Georgetown. We got to the Georgetown waterfront at around four miles and then turned around. I was trying to keep about a 10-minute mile pace because that’s my goal for the ten miler. We were a little slower than that (average pace of 10:13) but that was okay with me since I haven’t been running much lately. And I was happy that I didn’t have to stop and walk at any point during our run. The beautiful weather made the time fly by.

We stopped at six miles near the FDR Memorial meaning we still had a bit of a walk home. When we got near the World War II Memorial, we heard a bunch of people clapping. Turned out two buses full of veterans were there to visit the memorial. It was pretty moving. Joe and I decided to stop and spend some time there.  I sat down and thought about my family members who served in WWII, especially my two grandfathers. My father never got to know his dad. His plane went down and his body was never found. I thought a lot about my grandmothers too. They both passed away in the month of September. I thought about how the war impacted their lives. And I thought about all the brave men that were visiting the memorial. I have to admit, I got a little teary. And it put some things in perspective too. I’ve been involved in some drama this week and seeing those veterans and thinking about my family really made me realize how stupid and trivial it all was. Here was a generation that faced so many challenges and took them on without complaint. Getting caught up and angry about something small seems so stupid now.  The visit to the memorial was just what I needed.


World War II Memorial

By the time we walked home, we had eight miles on our feet. That gave me some confidence that I could still do well on the ten miler. I know I can certainly be on my feet for ten miles, but I’d like to do it in less than an hour and 40 minutes (my time in last year’s Army Ten Miler). So with cooler temperatures and lower humidity, I’ll get back to running during the week and aim to do seven or eight miles next Saturday before we head up to Baltimore for the Maryland-West Virginia game. I am SO happy it finally feels like fall! And go Terps!