Best Weekend Ever!

Okay, maybe not quite ever but it was still pretty damn great.

On Saturday, I met up with some old friends and some new ones to run the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge or ROC Race.  Since the race is, obviously, ridiculous, we had to do costumes. Thanks to Laura and her coworkers for coming up with the wonderful idea of dressing up as minions from Despicable Me. Double thanks to Laura for actually making the shirts for Joe and I. Everyone seemed to know exactly what we were, minus the guy at the Tarzan Swing obstacles who just referred to us as “overalls.” We had quite a few cheers along the course.


Our team before we kicked butt.

When we arrived, I was kind of surprised there weren’t more people around. We eventually found them all at the starting line. That might have been the only downer for this race. We must have waited in line for at least 30 minutes until we actually got to start. The DJ who was trying to get us pumped up was … interesting. FINALLY it was our turn to go and we were off!

Overall the obstacles were pretty easy. We hopped over the Concree-stadores, which were just like construction barriers. Then it was on to the gorilla bars. I got about three bars in and down I went. No surprise there. Someone please explain to me why monkey bars were easy as a kid but so hard now. Oh, it was because I weighed like 80 pounds then? Got it.

I kind of cheated by climbing over the short wall but I have no regrets about that. Shortcuts for the win.

Then we crossed a tightrope over a muddy pond, used a rope to climb to the top of an inflatable slide, hopped through some tires (ROC Race, this was a little too much like a REAL obstacle, thank you very much), jumped around a huge moon bounce, did a couple of slip and slides, and swung over more muddy water using a rope.


That’s me on the left making it across with a little splash. That’s Laura on the right making a bigger splash. Love you Laura! 😉

Then came the greatest obstacle of all, the Wrecking Ball. It looked like something out of the show “Wipeout.” You have to try to run across a bunch of floating barrels without getting knocked into the water by the massive balls that are swinging around. Even though the line was kind of long leading up to the obstacle, it was a ton of fun to see people trying to get across. There were some epic wipeouts.


I don’t have a photo of myself but this is what we were up against.

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it across. I have terrible balance so going slow probably wouldn’t have worked out well so I figured I’d just try to sprint across as fast as I could.  Yeah, that didn’t work too well either. I fell in pretty quickly. Joe was the only one from our group to make it all the way across.

After the Wrecking Ball, we sprinted to the World’s Largest Inflatable Slide. I flew headfirst across the finish line and it was awesome. I felt like Wonder Woman. (Speaking of which, I saw a few people at the race with these socks and I MUST have them.)

I can’t say I had many complaints about this race. It wasn’t that crowded overall and it was such a blast. In fact, I kind of wanted to go back and run another lap. I’d definitely sign up to do another so lookout ROC Race Baltimore.


Joe, Me, Laura and BJ. We were soaked at the end.

Afterwards Laura, BJ, Joe and I headed to Maddy’s Taproom for some well-earned nourishment, which of course means beer and burgers. Joe and I then took a nice nap and it was glorious.

My best weekend ever continued on Sunday when we took Mom and Dad out on a pontoon boat to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Joe can rent them from one of the nearby bases. He developed expert pontoon driving skills when he was out in Hawaii so we had an experienced captain.  We cruised up and down the Potomac and then threw down anchor near Mount Vernon to eat lunch and chat for a while. By the time we were headed back to the base to return the boat, the clouds had burned off and the sun was completely out. At that moment I decided I should live the rest of my life on a boat (but not in a Deadliest Catch kind of way). Mom and Dad had a great time. Maybe we’ve found a new annual tradition for Mom’s birthday.


Mom and Dad cruisin’.


Captain Joe

And although the weekend is now over, I’m already counting the hours until I’m off to Chicago! See you in a few days Windy City.