The Office “Work”out (See What I Did There?)


The new digs.

As you may know, I recently moved to a new building at work. And after seven years, i have an office to call all my own. It’s even better than I had expected.

There are a ton of perks to having a ton of room and a door to close. One of them is that I get to go back to working out in my office.

You see, when I was preparing for the Tough Mudder last year, I brought a five pound weight to work so I could do some arm exercises throughout the day. I was pretty good about doing that for a while. But since I didn’t have an office, it meant that someone might see me lifting my weights over the cubicle wall. Or rotating furiously in my chair while doing Russian Twists. It wasn’t embarrassing per se but I don’t really need my co-workers seeing me working out.

So today, my second day in my mini palace, I got back on track. I only had time to do the routine for a couple of rounds but it was great to be able to shut the door for a few minutes and get a little exercise. Here’s what that routine looks like:

30 dumbbell rows
20 dumbbell overhead presses
20 bicep curls
20 pec decs
20 overhead tricep extensions
50 Russian Twists (I can even get down on the floor and do it now)
20 dumbbell side bends
20 body weight squats
20 body weight lunges

Since it is FREEZING in my office, doing this routine gets my body temperature up for a few minutes.

I’m debating what to do with the extra space. I could literally run laps and burn some calories. I’d love to have a treadmill in there (I’ll keep dreaming). But I might take up one co-worker on her suggestion of doing yoga during my lunch break. It might be just what I need to relax in the middle of the day. And I have plenty of room for a yoga mat and I could play a DVD or pull up yoga routines on the computer. Stay tuned to see how that goes.