I Love Working From Home…

…hitting a wall, not so much.

About that first part, I’m working from home for  the next few days because my office is moving to another building. Yay for my own office!

In the meantime, this is my office:


My home office setup, complete with Diet Coke.

I’ve got a nice comfy spot on my couch, my Diet Coke and my TV. What else do you need? I love watching a little Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition while going through emails. (Also, I am aware my walls are painfully bland. I need to find some good art.)

There are a lot of great things about working from home. One of the best is rolling out of bed around 7.  This morning, I got in a run and a shower all before I would normally get to my office around 8:30. It’s also pretty awesome that I don’t have to worry about whether I look like a complete slob. Although there are distractions at home, work somehow doesn’t feel so much like work when you’re doing it from the comfort of your own home. The whole mentality is different. I even took a break from the work for a bit to vacuum. Seriously. I took a break from work work to do some house work. (And of course I’m taking a break now to blog.)

I think one of the other benefits is that I actually end up putting in more time. I may take more breaks at home but I’m more likely to keep plugging away after my time is up because I don’t have to worry about any kind of commute. 

So in conclusion, the world would be a happier, more productive place if we all got to work from home more often.

Now, about that hitting a wall thing. That’s how I feel about my running right now. I told you all that I would be scaling back on my running and I have. Basically, after getting to a scary weight I haven’t seen in years, I started a very specific kind of diet (more about that in a later post perhaps). And while it’s definitely working, it leaves me with less energy.  When I run, I feel like I can’t get my breathing right. My legs feel heavy. Whereas three miles used to feel easy, I now have to battle to get past two. I did three miles this morning and it felt miserable. I haven’t looked forward to my runs and I’ve been sleeping through too many alarms for early morning runs. This is all very frustrating because a) I don’t love feeling like a failure and 2) Just a month ago or so, I was on a great streak. I loved running and looked forward to it. I’m hoping all this is temporary and will get better as I get into the later phases of this diet. I think I’m also just sick of running in the summer heat. I’m ready for fall and the fantastic running weather it brings. I have plenty of fall races to prepare for so I better get it in gear!

So if you see/talk to me in the near future, give me some motivation to get moving!