Running in the Dark


My splits from today.

It had been more than a week (and probably closer to two) since I had gotten up at 5 to run. So this morning I dragged myself out of bed to get out there.

I was somewhat surprised it was as dark as it was. Usually by the time we get to the Mall (about a mile), you can see the first few rays of the sun. This morning it was still dark. It didn’t really start to lighten up until we were walking home after our run. I guess the days really are starting to get shorter.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say about my morning … except that I ran a PR for a 5K! Woo! After running slowly in the heat last week, it felt like a relief to run in the dark. And I’m thinking those two beers last night were the perfect fuel (beer = carbs and energy, right?) to run fast. Although my Garmin was dead this morning, I used Endomondo on my phone. I was shocked to see that we ran the first mile in 7:59. A part of me still thinks the app was off or something but I go by the philosophy that my iPhone would never lie to me. I ended up running 5K in 25:49 (8:19 average pace). I usually stop at exactly three miles but when I realized I could PR for a 5K, I went the extra .1 miles. I was kind of excited but it would be more exciting if I had done it during a race. Imaginary ribbon for me.

Either way, running in the cool temperatures of fall should seem like a breeze after this summer. I’m already daydreaming about glorious 60 degree weather. And football. Can’t forget about football.