Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Since I  hadn’t had a week of vacation time off in more than a year, I felt that I was about due. The only problem I have with taking vacation is that I get twice as much vacation time as Joe. So sometimes that means that I take time off for staycations. That’s what this last week was. Although I would have much preferred to spend my vacation time on an amazing beach in Fiji, my staycation was still pretty awesome.

Some highlights of what I did:

  • Picked up my bridesmaid’s dress for Susan’s wedding! Love the dress and I’m excited for the wedding in October!
  • Cleaned my apartment (yes, I do get excited about this) and got a new life-changing vacuum. You have no idea what damage two cats can do to a one bedroom apartment with their fur.
  • Went to happy hour with Laura and BJ at Olazzo for $5 martinis.
  • Went to see the butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens with Mom and Dad, followed by lunch at Szechuan Palace.
  • For the 4th of July, went for drinks at RFD and then picked up food at Hill Country before heading to the Mall for a picnic and fireworks.
  • Visited Joe at the Pentagon for lunch and so I could see where he works. Also finally checked out the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon.
  • Met Susan for some shopping and to see “This is the End,” which was pretty hilarious.
  • Went to Harpers Ferry  for lunch and sightseeing when it was a bazillion degrees. (Note to friends: We MUST come here for a weekend of tubing and boozing down the river)
  • Watched every episode of “Louie” available on Netflix. If you’ve never seen it, you’re really missing out.

Some photos from the week:


Butterfly at Brookside Gardens


Another butterfly


4th of July


Mmmm, sausage, brisket and pork belly from Hill Country


Me and some guy getting ready for the fireworks




One of the benches at the 9/11 Memorial. They have a bench for each person killed at the Pentagon or on the flight that crashed into the Pentagon.


More of the 9/11 Memorial


The lower town of Harper’s Ferry


So…I suck at geography and can’t remember if this is the Potomac or Shenandoah. The rivers intersect at this point.

The Appalachian Trail runs right through Harpers Ferry. Our friend Clinker, who we met at Shenandoah National Park a couple of weeks ago, passed through here recently,


Lockhouse on the C&O Canal. No water in the canal at Harpers Ferry.


Crossing the train bridge back to the lower town of Harpers Ferry.


We saw another bear! This guy took a dip in the river. Even he was hot.


This building is a recreation of the old fire house where John Brown was captured.


Supposedly Thomas Jefferson stood on this rock and marveled at the sights from this spot. Sort of like the Plymouth Rock of the South.


I have to admit the views here are amazing.


I was WAY jealous of these tubers. Must do it soon! With booze of course.

Oh yeah, I ran a couple of times during my staycation. It was too hot for much more. I didn’t want to get up at 5 a.m. when I was off. So I ran on Tuesday and today. I ran really slow but at least I got out there a couple of times. I’m hoping when I resume my 5 a.m. runs this week that it will feel so much cooler that I’ll be super fast. I have a 10K next Sunday. I have no idea why I signed up to run a 10K in July. I’m pretty sure it will feel like death.

And now  a few hours of freedom (and drinking) before I return to work tomorrow. Blah……