To motivate myself to run and write, I read a selection of great blogs, mostly by women close to my age. These women are successful, funny, fit and FAST. Most of them eat marathons for breakfast and they serve as an inspiration to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Plus, as you get to know these bloggers, you’ll see several of them know each other, sort of like a mini family. So, for a little added motivation, check out these blogs:

  • Losing Weight in the City. The similarities between Theodora and I are almost scary. We both studied journalism at D.C.-area colleges, are the same age and dropped a lot of weight after college. This is one of my favorite blogs and I love to read about her running and NYC adventures.
  • The Wannabe Athlete. Callie doesn’t update often but I enjoy reading when she does.
  • Skinny Runner. SR says she’s not a serious runner…but she runs super fast. And she’s gorgeous and funny. I want to be her when I grow  up.
  • Will Run for Margaritas. Melody is another that doesn’t update often but she’s also another speedster (and just announced she’s pregnant!). She lives in NOVA so I enjoy the local aspect of her blog.
  • The Hungry Runner Girl. Janae usually updates a few times a day. I love seeing that she eats like a normal human being and gives in to cravings, and yet she still looks amazing. And she posts a lot of pictures of her adorable daughter.
  • Carrots ‘N’ Cake. Tina usually updates a couple of times a day and she’s a CrossFit freak of nature. And she has a cute pug.
  • Run Eat Repeat. Monica is goofy. And it seems like she’s constantly racing like a champ.
  • Jen’s Best Life. Jen just graduated from law school and still finds time to get some good workouts in.
  • Healthy, Happier Bear. Ashley and I are probably pretty close in terms of running paces. She’s getting ready to move overseas so her blog should be interesting as she makes that transition.
  • fANNEtastic food. Anne is another D.C. area blogger who often posts yummy recipes.
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen. Gretchen, who lives in NOVA, lost a lot of weight and like the rest of us, strives to find a balance between work, fitness and family/friends.
  • Jess Runs. A girl of my own heart: a UMD journalism grad.
  • Sweat Once a Day. Emily is another local girl who does just about everything.

P.S. June 5 is National Running Day. To celebrate, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is offering discounts up to $20 if you sign up on June 5. I’m considering signing up for RNR New Orleans in February. $70 ain’t bad for a half.

What blogs do you read on a daily basis?