What I saw on my run this morning…

All kinds of good things when I went for a run early this morning, like:

  • Endomondo report after this morning. Thanks to the nig downhill on 11th Street for the quick first mile.

    Endomondo report after this morning. Thanks to the nig downhill on 11th Street for the quick first mile.

    Three prostitutes working it one block away from my apartment.

  • Sprinklers on at the Mall. Don’t think I’ve ever seen those there before. Like a three year old, I was tempted to abandon the run and hop back and forth through the water.
  • Lots of gnats. Ew. And oh yeah, I swallowed one.
  • Endomondo on my phone. The battery on my Garmin watch had died so I relied on Endomondo to keep track of how far I had gone. Turns out running that way may actually be better for me. Instead of constantly checking my pace and then determining whether I needed to speed up or slow down, I ran by feel. Turns out I actually run faster than what I think I *should* because I also saw:
  • Three miles, each under 9 minutes for a total of 26:13. I believe that may be the fastest I’ve ever run three miles! Woo!
  • The beginning of the sunrise behind the Capitol.
  • Joe doing sprints back and forth across the Mall.
  • And finally, a LOT of sweat. Summer has definitely arrived in D.C. I don’t know how anyone can run when the sun is actually out.

A couple of other things. I’ve already failed on the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge. I went out to get my one mile in after work on Tuesday and it felt miserable. It was really humid and I wanted to die. But if I ran 4 on Monday and 3 this morning, does that mean I can give one of those extra miles to Wednesday? I don’t think it works this way.  My shins just can’t handle running on pavement every day.

I’m doing the Race for the Dream 8K on Saturday in Williamsburg and I’m already nervous about it. It’s sure to be a hot, humid five miles, a distance I haven’t done since the half-marathon. It’s also the longest race I’ve done without Joe. At least being smacked in the face with this D.C. heat wave has put a moratorium on signing up for any more summer races.

If you run outside in the summer, how do you beat the heat?