I Love Food Delivered to My Door

I have a new obsession: boxes of food delivered to my door every month. I first jumped on the monthly club thing when I signed up for Ipsy, which delivers makeup and beauty samples to you every month. Then, after a few months, I remembered I don’t really wear that much makeup so I canceled it. But I love having a present come every month in the mail so I found something better. FOOD.

The first thing I signed up for was NatureBox, which sends a variety of healthy snacks. For $20 a month, I get five bags of snacks, all of which are more than one serving. In my first box there was banana bread granola, Taj Mahal snack mix, lemon meringue waffles, whole wheat raspberry figgy bars and Italian bistro pretzels. All of it was really good but the pretzels were my favorite. They were the first thing to disappear since I’m a sucker for pretzels. The granola was really bananay but good. I liked loved “waffles” which were cracker sized. They were enough to satisfy a sweet craving and you could eat a lot for only about 120 calories. The snack mix had too many sunflower seeds for my taste but I liked the dried mangoes. The figgy bars were good but pretty small for 130 calories. I’m excited to see what the next box has!


I must have accidentally deleted the picture of the actual box but this card shows all of the items that were in the box and included a recipe for the snack mix,

The next thing I signed up for was Runnerbox. I think I’m going to have to up my mileage to get my money’s worth from this one. (Well, I should do that anyway). It comes every other month and costs about $25. I thought the items packed in the box were fun though. I got a pair of lighweight teal toe socks, a sports performance drink mix, a muscle recovery bar, some energy gels and blocks (which were margarita flavored, yum!), something to prevent chafing and blisters, a cute hair tie and sports detergent. I haven’t tried most of these things yet because I’ve only been running about three miles but I look forward to trying some of them. And I need to rock the socks!


Motivation on the box lid.


Contents…including those margarita blocks. Yum!

And just because I like to go over the top with my obsessions, I signed up for a third box: Bestowed. (Word to the wise: don’t follow any of these companies on Facebook because you will then be flooded with information for similar companies and before you know it, you’ll have signed up for all of them. Thankfully I don’t have a dog so I can’t sign up for BarkBox.) This box focuses on all kinds of healthy foods, not just snacks. This month’s box came with some sweet chili tortilla chips, olive oil, coconut water, a “super seeds” cereal, a Larabar made from nuts and dark chocolate sunflower butter cups. I haven’t tried the first few items yet but the Larabar was good and the sunflower butter cups were delicious. The cereal should be interesting but I need to get some milk for it first. Bestowed is $19 a month and comes every month with at least five healthy food items selected by a nutritionist.


Most of the items from the Bestowed box. Minus the ones already in my tummy.

So please, if you hear about more of these types of things, have mercy on my wallet and don’t tell me. But I encourage you to give the others a try. They’re pretty tasty!