I Finally Tried Quinoa!

I know, I’ve totally missed the boat on the whole quinoa thing. And yes, I realize that my excitement over finally trying it makes me a bit of a nerd.

Since it was raining when I left work, I decided to postpone my run until tomorrow morning and swing by Protein Bar for something for dinner (naturally it stopped raining the second I came back out). I didn’t feel like cooking or eating leftovers and I’d never been so I stopped in. They focus on healthy fast food. I decided to try the spinach and pesto bowl because I love anything pesto. I also picked up one of their protein-packed brownies for dessert.

I was a little surprised to see just how much quinoa was in the bowl. I had never tried it before so I was a little unsure about my decision. One bite in and I was sold. IT IS SO GOOD. I’m sure it’s because of the pesto but the spinach and chicken add some good flavor too. I could probably eat this at least once a week but now I’m sort of eager to try some of their other items. I’m already looking forward to that brownie later.

Do you like quinoa? What are your favorite quinoa recipes?


A bowl of goodness. And yes, I realize I suck at centering my pictures.