I <3 Simple Days

It doesn’t really take much to make me happy. This afternoon, I asked Joe, “Hasn’t today been a good day?”

“Sure,” he replied with about as much enthusiasm as he could muster. He only gets excited for “epic” days.

“I didn’t have to stop once today to tie my shoes. That’s pretty epic,” I told him.

But really, when the weather is as gorgeous as it is today, if I’m out and about in it, I’m happy. It doesn’t take much.

I had intended to get up a little earlier this morning but slept an hour later than that. Oops. But I still had enough time to get in everything I wanted. I made our grocery shopping list and planned out our weekly menus. Then we packed up to head over to East Potomac Park/Hains Point. I hadn’t been there in YEARS. I’ve been badgering Joe into doing a triathlon so he said he wanted to start doing brick workouts, which prep you for a triathlon (basically you do a swim then bike ride or bike ride then run). Since we have a race tomorrow morning, I didn’t really want to tire myself out (see how I did that there? myself?) so while he worked up a sweat doing a few laps on his bike, I sat down and read a magazine on one of the benches.


A nice morning view at East Potomac Park

Once he was done, he swapped shoes and we were off for a short two mile run. The road was flat and the scenery was nice so the time flew by. We did the first mile in 9:19 and the second in 9:08. I don’t know that I could keep that pace for another mile tomorrow during the race but I’m glad to see I’m finally starting to get back to where I was.

Afterwards we went to pick up our race bibs and shirts for tomorrow’s Race for Hope. Joe’s number is 1111. A couple of people commented that he better win with a number like that.


I think Kona wants to race tomorrow morning.

We went to run a couple of errands while we were in the Crystal City area and stopped for lunch at Subway. I tried to keep it relatively healthy with a 6 inch Black Forest Ham. Plus we had a gift card so it tasted even better because it was free!  Then I picked up a pair of running shorts and a new shirt from Sports Authority. Their New Balance gear was buy one, get one half off so I took advantage.

Once we came back to our apartment and put the groceries away, we walked over to Dupont Circle to run a couple more errands. Of course Joe can’t go there without stopping at Julia’s. I had a different craving: Fro Zen Yo. So I found one on Eye Street and rationalized that I could eat it because I went out of my way to get it. Those extra steps might have burned off one of those chocolate chips you see there.


Peanut butter frozen yogurt, chocolate chips, cherries and walnuts.

So NOT quite the healthiest day but it could have been worse. Now we get to relax for the rest of the evening. Leftovers are on the menu for dinner so Joe is eating the rest of his Subway/Julia’s and I’m eating the leftover burger from the other night (made from lean ground beef, oats, spinach and low-fat cheese). I thought I’d whip these up as side. I’ll try to convince myself they taste just like regular fries. Mmmmm.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?