Maybe I Will Give That Half Another Try


Women who have just passed mile 11 in the Nike Women Half Marathon.

Earlier this year I completed my first half marathon. I didn’t really train and paid for it during the race. Of course the first thing I said when I crossed the finish line was, “I’m never doing one of those again!”

I’ve said those types of things before. And the lure of a new race or challenge quickly extinguishes the memories of pain and discomfort.

This morning, Joe and I woke up early and made our way to the finish line of the Nike Women Half Marathon. I was surprised to see there were very few people there, but I suppose most spectators want to see their friends and family cross the finish line, not the elite runners. We got there about 50 minutes into the race. Finally, around an hour in, we saw the leader turn around the corner near mile 11. There wasn’t another person to see. Her stride looked easy. She was really inspiring and beautiful. Sorry, you’ll never convince me that Victoria Secret models are more beautiful than the likes of Allyson FelixDesi Davila or Sanya Richards-Ross.


Kind of hard to see, but there’s the winner approaching the finish line.

Watching the elite runners, and even the average Jills, sort of ignited a spark to try to the half again. You could say that spark turned into a flame when I realized that all runner receive a necklace from Tiffany’s. That was it. I was sold. I want that necklace next year.