Catching Up

My biggest weakness these days

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated so I’ll try to hit the highlights from the last month and a half or so. It might be somewhat of a ramble, but here’s what’s been going on:

  • I went to Ireland and London! The trip was absolutely amazing and I really fell in love with Ireland. It felt like a place I could be and it felt comfortable. I still miss it every day. And just to note, I didn’t go to the gym once the entire two weeks.
  • Weight loss. I found a little trick to losing a few pounds right before vacation: food poisoning. I got it two days before I left. Thankfully the worst of it was gone by the end of the first day but I was still leery of eating any meat for a few days since I was convinced that what made me sick was chicken. So between the food poisoning and not eating, I dropped about three or four pounds.Then I actually managed to lose a little extra weight on vacation, all while eating dessert and drinking beer every day. Here’s how I think that happened:
  1. I was not eating a lot of processed food. There were a lot of fresh vegetables, meats and fruit.
  2. I wasn’t snacking. There was no time and I didn’t have tempting goodies sitting around.
  3. In London, we did a LOT of walking and stair climbing. Seriously, London is a walking city. Once we were on the Tube and had to switch lines at a station. We walked at least 10 minutes to get from one train to the other. And the whole time I was on vacation, I was carrying a backpack with a heavy camera.
  4. I ate less in general. In Ireland, our breakfasts and dinners were served at the hotel. I ate a big breakfast and then would eat something light for lunch, like soup. Dinner was usually three courses (an appetizer, main course and dessert) but I hardly ever cleaned my plates. In London, Mom and I ate scones and bananas we kept in our hotel for breakfast. We usually ate light at lunch and then had a bigger dinner.
  • Weight gain. For a few days I was in a mini post-vacation depression and didn’t have much appetite. But I was drinking beer every day, something I had gotten used to on vacation. I wasn’t exercising and when my appetite came back, I started to put some of the weight back on. Argh.
  • Getting back on track. While I was gone, I realized how much I sit when I’m at work. So I vowed to start walking on my lunch break. Before, I wasn’t even really taking a lunch break. But the work will always be there. There’s no extra prize for working through lunch so I decided to get up and move. Of course it doesn’t always happen when it’s busy in the office, but it’s a start.I’ve also gotten back to the gym and I’m actually enjoying running. This is huge for me. I was pleased to discover that even though I had gotten out of shape, I could still run a 5K without stopping. Some days I stay on the treadmill for the full workout. Other days I’ll do a cycle on the elliptical and then get in a 1.5 mile run. With the workouts and eating better, I’ve managed to lose a few pounds again. The beer has been the hardest thing to give up though.

    When I feel good about running, I get motivated and start signing up for just about any race that draws my interest. We’ve got two 5Ks coming up, one in May and one in June. And we’re thinking of signing up for the Army Ten Miler when registration opens next week. I’ve even picked out a half-marathon I might want to do. And we’re still preparing for the Tough Mudder. Time to start getting some strength training in!