Running with the Lions

I’ve always said I would never run a marathon. I’ve never been able to comprehend why anyone would want to subject their body to running 26.2 miles. That distance is unfathomable to me. That’s like 8.5 5Ks. That’s just plain silly.

But…I kind of want to do one. A very specific one. At least I think I do. Joe sent me a link this morning to something called the Big Five Marathon, which is run on a game reserve in South Africa.

Joe and I have always talked about doing a safari and our desire to do one only increased after we went to the Travel and Adventure Show in D.C. this weekend. When we saw all the amazing brochures about the different trips we could take, we thought maybe we should make that our next big trip. And if we can combine a fabulous trip with a challenge, that’s even better.

It’s a lot more appealing (although probably a lot tougher) to run a marathon through the nature of Africa than through the streets of New York. I imagine the scenery alone would keep you inspired. Can you imagine being able to say you ran a marathon in Africa? That would be amazing and definitely something to remember.

Of course I pointed out to Joe that there’s also a 10K course and a half-marathon course. Maybe we should try one of those.

His response? “You won’t get the full experience that way.”

Of course he’s right but that means I’ll really need to build up my running tolerance. If we were to do it in 2013 then maybe I would have enough time to prepare. All I need to do is picture the lions who might think I’d make a tasty breakfast.

Days to Tough Mudder: 171