An Irish March

Cliffs of Moher

Ah, Cliffs of Moher, how I long to see you.

I’m going to be celebrating my Irish roots throughout March. Okay, I’m not 100% Irish by any means but I do have some Irish blood in me (along with a bunch of other European traces, and allegedly, a dash of Native American). But who cares? In March, everyone’s Irish right?

Joe and I will begin celebrating the Emerald Isle with the St. Patrick’s Day 8K in D.C. on Sunday. Several months ago, when I was still riding my high off finishing Tough Mudder, I thought doing an 8K sounded like a great idea. I can do anything! Then I got lazy and didn’t do much working out in December. I began working out again in January but I wasn’t running. I just started running again last week.  Way to prepare for my longest running race yet.

Yes, I was on my feet for nine miles with Tough Mudder but I was not running very much. And yes, I have run a total of five miles in a day before. But the last time I did that was when Joe and I ran from monument to monument in D.C. We were stopping a lot and took a long time to do it. I’m not nervous per say, just uncertain of how it will go. I can still run okay but I’ve only been running a mile or two at a time. I can kill it on the elliptical but that doesn’t really compare. I guess this race will just serve as another reminder of how much I can improve.

The real Irish celebration begins at the end of March when I leave on a two-week trip to Ireland and London. Mom and I will be taking a guided tour of Ireland for nine days before we move on to London to do some exploring on our own. Words can’t begin to describe how excited we are.

I just have one teeny, tiny worry. Will I get out of shape while I’m overseas? I’m sure we’ll get a lot of walking in, especially in London. But will I ever make use of the gyms in the hotels? Will there even be time? Do I want to spend my brilliant vacation hitting the treadmill? Probably not. But I might have to make an effort to get there at least once every two or three days. I’m certainly not going to sacrifice any sightseeing time for working out, but if I get a chance, I’ll try to get to the gym.

Another issue is the eating and drinking. I have to be careful not to go overboard. The biggest problem here: Guinness.  While I’m not really a huge fan of it in the U.S., I understand that it tastes completely different in Ireland based on the way they pour it. And if it’s not Guinness, it will certainly be another type of beer. You have to drink beer in the U.K. It’s expected! Beer for breakfast? Sure! Bring it on!

So here’s to running, Ireland and hoping I don’t have too much weight to work off once I come back from vacation!

Days to Tough Mudder: 186