I Can’t Believe I’m Doing Another…

Last October, right after I crossed the finish line of the Tough Mudder, I told Joe that I wouldn’t be doing another one. This was it.

Just two days later, even though I was still sore and bruised, I had already changed my mind. I had started to think about how amazing it was that I had finished the course in one piece. I did something I never thought I would do. There was just one problem. I had skipped two of the obstacles.

I’m not sure what percentage of people who finish the Tough Mudder skip an obstacle or two. I know I saw people skip them on the course. But no matter how many other people did this, I knew there would forever be a nagging in my head that “yes, you crossed the finish line, but…”

So Joe and I have yet again signed up for the Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic in September. We won’t have to travel as far this time since it’s just up the road in Frederick, Md. It will definitely be warmer this time too. In fact, that Chernobyl Jacuzzi just might feel good.  And this time we’ve managed to round up a team to compete with us. We’re so excited to have Mac, Vanessa, Jon and Michael as part of our team! And we just might recruit a few more teammates before then.

The last time around I could never shake my nerves about the Tough Mudder. This time I’m excited. Having your friends there with you makes a huge difference mentally. We’ll all be relying on each other to push through every single obstacle. I know all of us have the strength to finish strong.

So back to Tough Mudder training we go. Last night was the first time I had run since December. I did okay but I need to get into running shape. I stopped doing the Insanity workout because it was killing my knees but I hope to get back to it before the Tough Mudder. It really gets you in shape. Instead I’ve been focusing on the elliptical and some strength training. I’ve been feeling strong there so soon it will be time to amp it up.

Joe is going to have to double his efforts. Not only is he doing the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in April and Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic in September, he’s also committed to do another Tough Mudder in December with his sister in Tampa. I’m not sure I’m quite tough enough to do two in one year but I’ll at least be there to cheer them on.

Time to bring back the countdown: 198 days.