New Year, New Workout

I never really make New Year’s resolutions. Of course I always tell myself that this year I will work out more and eat better. I will be thinner, better, faster, stronger, blah, blah, blah. I want to be all these things all year round, so when January 1 arrives, I’m usually already thinking these things. Why bother creating resolutions when I already have goals?

Instead of a resolution, Joe and I decided we would try a new workout for the new year. For Christmas, I bought him Insanity, an exercise program that is, as you guessed it, insane. There are a few reasons I liked the idea of using DVDs for a workout.

  1. For at least a month, our gym will be much more crowded than normal due to resolutionists.
  2. I can stay in my apartment and do it. It may sound ridiculous but half the battle of going to the gym is getting on the elevator and going downstairs. I know, it’s awful and lazy. But it’s true. It also means that unless people are watching us through the window, I don’t have to exercise in front of other people.
  3. When I originally lost a lot of weight in 2006, I did it by using a Biggest Loser DVD (I will forever love Bob Harper) and dieting. That’s it. I didn’t once set foot in a gym. The people on the DVDs really know what will work best for improving your body. It’s better than just getting on a treadmill or elliptical and doing the same thing every day. You need to change it up, and often, to see results.

Before this week, I hadn’t worked out in almost three weeks. I gave myself permission to relax and enjoy the holidays. I guess I enjoyed them a little too much because by Jan. 1, I was the heaviest I have been in several years and about 20 pounds heavier than I was at my thinnest. I actually had a dream about stepping on a scale and seeing a number I vowed I would never see again.

The Insanity poster hanging in our living room. I love checking off the boxes when we finish a workout.

So on Monday Joe and I began the 60-day program. It started with a fitness test. We had to perform eight different moves as many times as we could for a minute each.  Great! That meant I only had to work out for eight minutes the first day! Imagine my surprise when we popped in the DVD and saw that the test in fact lasted 25 minutes.

We started with a warm up. That makes sense. You always start with a warm up. This will be easy.

I was breathing hard by the end of it.

There were in fact only eight moves that lasted a minute. The extra time was consumed by water breaks. Yes, the moves were that difficult that you needed more than a minute break in between each move.

What did I get myself into?

Last night we did our first full workout, which lasted about 40 minutes. The “warm up” was again a killer. And we did it three times, attempting to increase our speed with each round. There was a stretching/yoga break in the middle before getting back into the tough cardio stuff.

I’m not exaggerating or wimping out when I say this workout is extreme. Joe and I were both dripping sweat and there were times when even Joe was struggling (something I’m not used to seeing). Hell, even the backup people on the DVDs were stopping to lie on the floor and take water breaks.

Eventually we made it through and were proud of ourselves for doing so. If it’s that tiring, it has to work right? I also enjoyed checking off the little box on the poster that came with the workout. It lets you check off each of the 60 days that you do (with a day off on Sundays). I love crossing things off a list.

I was somewhat disappointed when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I had only lost .2 pounds. I had worked out hard and eaten better (although not perfect, I had Ramen for dinner followed by a piece of Christmas candy) than I had during the holidays. But I tried to tell myself it’s only one day. And my goal with this program is to lose five pounds a month so I shouldn’t go overboard with my daily weight loss expectations. I know it will work if I eat right and stick with it.