‘Tis the Season

Me at the Arlington Turkey Trot

It’s been a while since I last posted and the holidays are here! That means TONS of eating but so far Joe and I have been off to a good start with exercise.

On Thanksgiving morning, we ran the Arlington Turkey Trot 5K. I never thought I’d be the type of person to wake up early on a holiday to go running, but maybe I’m starting to become that person. The run was through a neighborhood and I was impressed with the number of people that were there. We ran the race in just over 30 minutes and I think we would have done better if we hadn’t gotten stuck in the people jam that you always find early on in a race. I was keeping track of our progress on Endomondo (an exercise app I have on my iPhone) and our first mile was a whole minute longer than the other two. Keeping track of our progress actually made the race easier though. Rather than wondering when I would see the next mile marker, I knew exactly how we were doing and I could tell myself things like “Only .3 miles until we get to mile two.” I stayed focused on short distances throughout.

It was definitely my best race because at no point did I walk or even ask Joe if we could walk. And we kept a pretty steady pace. There was only a five second difference between the times for our second and third miles.

Running in the morning made me feel slightly less guilty for stuffing myself later and we had a great Thanksgiving.

With my bike before the air was let out of my tire

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Joe and I rode our bikes down the Capital Crescent Trail to the Georgetown and then on to the Mall. I’d never been all the way down the trail and it made for a good ride. It’s pretty flat (which I like when it comes to biking) and scenic. We locked our bikes up outside the Museum of Natural History and went in for maybe an hour or so. When we came out, I hopped on my bike to ride home only to realize that someone had let the air out of my front tire and then took the caps to the air nozzles. Jerks. So we had to walk our bikes all the way to Union Station and take Metro home.

We’ve signed up for an 8K the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day so I’m trying to get my body used to running more. When we work out, I at least start out with a mile run and then either switch to the elliptical or stay on the treadmill and run intervals (so walk half a mile, run half a mile, then walk again, etc.). My body responds well to running. I always drop more weight after I run than when I do the elliptical, even if I burn the same or fewer calories.

Yesterday I sent out an email to friends trying to get them to sign up for a Tough Mudder next year. I’ve only had one response so far but I’ll keep pushing them. I’m determined to get a good team together.

Here’s to hoping I maintain some workout momentum through the holidays!