What’s Next?

I figured even though I’m not training for another Tough Mudder at this point, I am still working on a couple of my other goals: losing weight and working on my writing.

My goal to lose weight while training was sort of a fail. I’d go up and down here and there but always stayed right around the same weight. That was probably because I was pretty inconsistent with working out and even more so, my diet. I’m going to keep at that goal by trying to stick to healthy eating (well most of the time) and continuing to work out.

I gave myself a week off from exercise after the Tough Mudder but I’ve resumed the 5:30 a.m. wakeup calls for the gym and will start up P90X again soon.

I find that dieting is really tough this time of year. There are tailgates, snacks while watching football games, my birthday, holidays, etc. I’m not the type of person that believes or has the willpower to stick to a strict diet seven days a week. I think food plays a big part in enjoying life so I’m going to indulge every now and then. The key is not to do it too often and not to go overboard when you do indulge. Moderation is key right?

(While I’m talking about diets, I should say that to me, a diet is usually followed for a certain period in time. So what happens once you stop following that diet? You’re going to start gaining weight. What I’m doing isn’t so much dieting as trying to just eat healthy in general.  I don’t believe all carbs are bad (just white bread and white pasta). I’d never be able to cut out all sugar. I’ll never be a vegetarian. My philosophy is to stick to mainly non-processed foods. If it grows in the ground or comes from an animal and hasn’t been messed with too much, I’ll probably eat it.)

Joe and I are doing a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I’m looking forward to it since I haven’t done a race in a while and it’s a good way to start off a day full of eating. We’re also thinking of doing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in the spring.

As far as the next big challenge, I’m not sure yet. I don’t see myself doing a marathon. I know Joe wants to try doing a triathlon but I’m iffy on the swimming part. We are, however, pretty sure we want to do another Tough Mudder. We’re looking at Tampa in 2012 or Miami, for which no date has been set yet. I think we’ve talked some people into at least considering it. So if you’re interested, just let me know! 🙂

And if you want to see a little of what we went through at the Tough Mudder, check out the video below.