Gaining Confidence in the Last Few Days

A map of our run yesterday

It’s almost here. Just four more days and the Tough Mudder will be here. Hard to believe really. I feel like I just started this blog.

I’ve been good about training lately, even getting up around 5:30 a.m. to get down to the gym. Joe and I have been doing p90X to build some strength. It sounds crazy considering how much I disliked the program at first, but I actually kind of like doing those DVDs now. The guy leading the workouts can be kind of nerdy but motivating at the same time. And I feel so confident in myself when I’m done.

Yesterday was my biggest confidence booster. Joe and I went for a run along the Capital Crescent Trail. And believe it or not, I felt good. I kept a good pace and only had to ask Joe to slow down once or twice. I never wanted to stop. In total we ran about four miles. We warmed up with a walk of 3/10 of a mile and ran two miles straight (minus the time we had to sit at a couple of crosswalks to cross the street and those were some LONG lights). Before I knew it, we had run to my old apartment building in Bethesda. We walked for a little less than half a mile to cool down for a minute and then ran back. By the time we got back to the car, we had logged just about 5 miles.

Looking at the photo I posted, it looks like we were going slow with an average speed of an 11:23 mile. And that IS slow. However, we did walk some of that time, some of it was time spent at the stoplights when I forgot to pause the timer, and the clock was running when Joe had to stop and pee on the side of the trail. 🙂 Our fastest mile came in at just over 9 minutes. I know that isn’t great to a lot of people but that’s pretty good to me (although last night I did set a goal to get down to an 8 minute mile before New Year’s).

And the bonus: I was two pounds lighter this morning!

So at this point I’m feeling good. I know it’s still probably going to be even harder than I think but at least I’m starting to feel like I really could conquer the Tough Mudder.