The Obstacle I’m Most Afraid of…

I keep telling myself they don't look that scary...right?

…is something called the Berlin Walls. To most people, they’re probably not really that scary. Climbing a couple of 12 foot walls might be daunting to some, but not necessarily scary. But I’m not really like most people.

I have an INSANE fear of heights and it seems to get progressively worse every year. Let me demonstrate just how bad this fear is. This weekend Joe and I decided to head to one of those outdoor gyms you sometimes see on the side of trails. One of the pieces of equipment there was a ladder, maybe 8 or 9 feet tall. When I got up to about the third rung, I started to shake a little. Any higher and there wasn’t anything in front of my upper body to keep me from falling over. Logically, someone would need to push me for me to actually fall but who said I’m logical?

Anyway, Joe spent about 30 minutes talking me up one bar at a time until finally I got up to the top and managed to crawl over  and climb down the other side. Then he made me do it several times just so I could get used to doing it. I got over it but I still didn’t love looking down or the thought of falling on my head.

The Berlin Walls are 12 feet. Even if I stand on Joe’s shoulders, I will not be able to see over the top. So the first problem is that I have to use what little upper body strength I have (or Joe has to use his upper body strength to lift me with his hands) to get on top of the wall, which only appears to be about 6 inches thick on the top. The second problem is coming down. Once I have somehow swung my legs over, I have to drop down backwards, not something I’m fond of doing. I’ve already told Joe he has to be standing at the bottom so that I know he’s there when I jump. And just to top everything off, I’ll be wet, muddy and tired by the time I get there.

I’m not going to have the luxury of 30 minutes for Joe to talk me into it. I just have to do it.  Maybe that’s good but these walls still turn my stomach in knots. And did I mention that they’re the only obstacle that appears twice on the course? Lucky me.