Photos from a Great D.C. Walk/Run

D.C. really is a great city to walk or run around. There are tons of monuments and open space. Just a lot to see in general. On Friday night, Joe and I decided to go for a run/walk around the city. I really wanted to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. Monument and I haven’t been to that area of the city for a while so we did a lot of exploring.

We started out by getting off at Union Station. We walked past the Capitol toward the Mall. We ran the whole way down the Mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, about 0.9 miles. We walked around the Washington Monument (still closed by the way thanks to the earthquake. You can’t even get that close to it) and down toward the World War II Memorial. From there we ran to a bunch of different monuments and memorials: the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, then to the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument. We walked for a little bit by the Tidal Basin and then ran to the Jefferson Memorial. We walked from the Jefferson Memorial back to the Washington Monument and ran from there to Capitol. For the last run along the Mall toward the Capitol, we did it in about eight minutes, and that’s just under a mile. That put me on my best pace yet. If we hadn’t stopped for a couple of the stop lights, I think we would have run a full mile in just over eight minutes, a HUGE success for me, especially since we’d already gone five miles before we started the run. And I actually felt good during that last run.

From the Capitol we walked back to Union Station to get dinner at Au Bon Pain. I’ve been craving soup a lot lately. I got broccoli cheddar, so not the healthiest but I had basically burned all the calories I had consumed before our walk/run.

So the stats for today:

Miles walked/run: Just under 7

Time: 1:53 (really slow I know but that accounts for the time we stopped and looked around the different monuments and memorials and waiting to cross streets)

Calories burned: 806

I’m starting to get my confidence back after my absence from working out. It was hard to be anything but positive after such a scenic tour of the city. And I felt so good on the last run that I’m starting to feel better about my running abilities. That’s good news considering we have a 5K in one week!

On Saturday Joe and I are going to the Virginia Scottish Games and Festival. Maybe we can draw inspiration from the athletics part of the festival in which a bunch of guys in kilts do all kinds of manly things.

Below are the pictures of all the places we stopped today. For anyone looking to get out to do some sightseeing in D.C. and get some exercise, I really recommend this route.

Days to the Tough Mudder: 49 (Yikes! Seven weeks away!)

Getting my Rocky on and running up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Me at the entrance to the MLK Memorial

MLK Memorial

FDR Memorial

Conquering the steps of the Jefferson Memorial too

Jefferson Memorial


Joe on the stairs of the Jefferson Memorial


Back at the Washington Monument


I made it back to the Capitol!