The Week an Earthquake and a Hurricane Struck D.C.

I am long overdue for a post but there’s a reason why. I haven’t been training.

Yes, I know, shame on me. Unfortunately last week was a complete disaster. There was an earthquake on Tuesday that caused a lot of chaos and confusion at work (and really shook my nerves). The building I work in is still closed because they’re trying to fix the chimneys. Otherwise they might collapse into the building. Then we had to prepare messages about the hurricane that was headed this way. Last week was the most hectic week we’ve had in a while. I worked late every night and did some work from home over the weekend. It doesn’t help that we’ve been working away from our office for more than a week so we’re all working off laptops and away from our files.

And then there was this mess with a new way to post things to our website. But I won’t nerd out and go into those details.

With all the working late and a couple of meet ups with friends last week, I didn’t get any gym time in. Not one second. That’s really bad. About the only workout I got was yesterday morning when I carried two laptops in my backpack up the hill from my car to the building we’re working out of.

Part of the problem is that I’m someone who operates by a very strict schedule. If I don’t get a workout in sometime between 5:30 and 7, I’m probably not going to workout. I have to have time after that to make dinner, do my hair, etc. Really it’s just a lot of excuses. I need to try to be more flexible.

With less than two months to go, I really need to focus and make the time to workout. We’ve got a lot of weekend activities planned this fall, like football games, Oktoberfest, UFC Fights (Joe’s idea), etc. That just means I need to make every effort I can during the week to get the gym time in.

And we have a 5K coming up in a little less than two weeks! Yikes!

Days to the Tough Mudder: 52 days