Where I’m Failing

I wish I could give myself all A's.

It’s been about three weeks or so since I started this blog and my official training for the Tough Mudder. As you may recall, I had three goals I set for myself:

  • Hold myself accountable for training.
  • Lose some weight and really become athletic.
  • Keep up my writing skills

So let’s see how I’ve done on these so far.

1. Hold myself accountable for training.

I’d give myself a B on this. Since I started the blog, I’ve been pretty good about working out. I go to the gym about three times a week for running (although there are times I go too many days in a row without running. Boy do I regret it when I do). I’ve been good about throwing in weight work. One thing a lot of women do is rely solely on cardio without doing any weight training to keep in shape. Weight training is essential. It helps you build muscle, which in turn burns more calories during a workout. And obviously I’m going to need a lot of muscle for some of the Tough Mudder obstacles.

I give myself a B because I don’t really feel like I’m improving as a runner. I know I’m still early in my training and I push through parts even when I want to stop, but I don’t love it. I have about a month until my 5K so let’s hope this gets better soon. But since this grade is really about holding myself accountable to the training, not the progress, I’ll give myself a decent grade. I’m at least sticking with it.

2. Lose some weight and really become athletic

This is really two parts so I’ll give it two grades: F/C. Since I started training, I haven’t really lost any weight. I was doing a better job losing weight when I was just sticking with the Flat Abs diet closely. I think because I’ve thrown the workouts in now, I feel like I have more room to cheat in my diet. It’s been hard to follow lately. There’s been birthday dinners at Graffiato, a baseball game, lunch with coworkers at Kelly’s Irish Times, free pizzas from Papa John’s, etc. I eat great during the day at work. Where I fail is weekends and sometimes weekday dinners.  If I really want to see a dip in the scale, I’ll have to do a better job with my eating.

In terms of becoming athletic, I’ll give myself a C. Although I said I don’t feel like I’m improving as a runner, I feel like overall I’m in a little better shape. I did the elliptical on Sunday because all the good treadmills were taken. I put it on the weight loss cycle like I normally do and I killed it. It seemed way easier than when I used to do just the elliptical on a regular basis. When I was done with that, I did three miles on the treadmill, walking at a face pace on an incline. I burned about 700 calories and I felt pretty good.

I also know I’ve built some upper body strength. Gotta stick with that P90X. I did the legs DVD of P90X on Saturday and felt pretty good afterwards. Yes, my legs were shaking when I had to hold myself in a chair position against the wall with one leg off the floor, but I made it through. But I should have known not to get overconfident. I’m STILL a little sore from that three days later.

3. Keeping up my writing skills.

Well, I’ve kept at the writing and in some ways, I think it’s helped in my writing at work. So I’ll give myself an A on this one. Yay for getting an A in the ONLY thing that won’t help me out in the Tough Mudder.

So as you can see, I still have a lot of work to do. And from the title of this blog, you can probably tell I focus on the negative aspects of my progress. The thing is, if I only focus on what I do right, I’ll start coasting so I have to be hard on myself.

Days to Tough Mudder: 73