There Goes My Confidence

Several months ago when I first looked at the Tough Mudder course, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how many of the obstacles I’d be able to get through but after some time, I started to build some confidence in myself thinking I could get through most of them.

That changed today.

I was looking through some photos from the Tough Mudder Wisconsin course. I looked at a couple and said “Whew, at least that isn’t scheduled to be on our course” (unless it’s the mystery obstacle). To reassure myself, I went back to check the course layout for Virginia. Well, low and behold, the whole course has changed. Any obstacle I worried about is on there now. There’s a half pipe you have to try to climb (if you watch American Ninja Warrior, you know what it looks like), not one but now TWO sets of Berlin Walls (a series of 12-foot high walls) and a lovely thing they call the Chernobyl Jacuzzi (basically a plunge into smelly, ice cold water). The course has also been lengthend by one mile.

My confidence is completely shot and once again I am a nervous wreck about the course. Thanks Tough Mudder for completely throwing me off my game.

Days to the Tough Mudder: 77