Temptation Around the Office

The Homer Simpson special

I’m pretty sure my office is plotting my diet downfall. A couple of weeks ago we had an office birthday party featuring pie, cheese, crackers, pretzels , mustard, beer, and wine. Anyone who knows me knows that putting beer and pretzels in front of me is sort of like putting a zebra in front of a lion.

Last Friday my boss brought in bagels and cream cheese for us to scarf down during a 9 a.m. meeting. In college I used to eat a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast almost every day. I’m especially fond of a good pumpernickel bagel slathered with cream cheese (and we’re not talking the non-fat kind). Since I knew this challenge to my willpower was coming, I came into work a little early to eat breakfast as a preemptive strike. Luckily I happen to LOVE my daily breakfast: a whole wheat bagel thin topped with some natural peanut butter (the regular kind tastes WAY too sugary to me now that I’ve switched) and some sliced strawberries and a banana. It’s really filling and tastes great so it was easy to skip the other bagels.

Today we had a new person start in the office. This usually calls for bagels but since we’d just had those Friday, my boss brought in Dunkin’ Donuts instead. Again, I ate my breakfast to avoid the temptation. But they’re still sitting out there on the desk next to me at this very second. Every time I get up from my desk, I’m forced to walk past the frosting-covered goodness. I need blinders like a race horse. At least I have this spiffy wall blocking off my desk now so I’m not forced to look at them while I work.

And then this Friday, my co-workers and I will gather at Kelly’s Irish Times for lunch and drinks. As mentioned before, I can’t resist beer. And since I’m a firm believer that someone who pairs a beer with something like a salad is violating the laws of nature, I’ll probably end up ordering a burger or something like that. Diet sabotage.

At least the exercise  training continues! I’m about to move on to week four of my couch to 10K training and I’ve been doing some weight training. It’s definitely going to be time to up the weights soon though. And just for a little added motivation in the weight room, the new season of American Ninja Warrior started last night. Joe got me turned on to this show and it is insane! At least the Tough Mudder won’t feature an obstacle where I have to somehow claw my way with my fingertips across a rail-thin beam! At least I hope I won’t.

Days to Tough Mudder: 81