Goodbye Meme

Although this blog is supposed to be dedicated to Tough Mudder training, I wanted to make a quick detour to say goodbye to my great aunt Meme.

Meme passed away yesterday morning. A couple of months ago she went into the hospital because she felt ill and had some pain in her back. The doctors ended up finding cancer that had spread through her body. They said there wasn’t a whole lot they could do and that she probably only had a couple of months. Her son emailed us almost daily to keep us up to date on how she was doing. It was clear from the emails over the past week or so that she might not make it too much longer. When my phone rang at 8 a.m. yesterday, I knew what it meant.

I always enjoyed seeing Meme. Family gatherings were often held at her house and she was always pleasant to be around. She was very kind, generous, and had a good sense of humor. I don’t remember many days I was around her where she wasn’t smiling, even when she was going through some difficult things.The last time I saw her she was taking everything in stride. I was amazed at her attitude considering what she was facing.

My father is particularly close to her because he grew up in her house. When my grandfather was killed in World War II, my father and grandmother moved in with my great aunt. It was very kind of her to welcome them into her home. Both my great aunt and my grandmother were from a very strong generation. They’re an inspiration. Anything I go through training for the Tough Mudder pales in comparison to what they went through.

On Saturday we’ll gather like we did back in September to say goodbye to my grandmother. The two sisters died within a year of each other. We’ll return to the same cemetery and remember this wonderful woman. I’ll miss you very much Meme.

You can view her obituary here.