Argh! It’s Summer Vacation Time!


Summer vacations are a good thing. You get away, you relax…and you can fall off the wagon.

Beginning Thursday I’m taking three days off work (through Monday) to celebrate Joe’s birthday. This poses my first challenge since my Tough Mudder training became “official.”

Thursday night (Joe’s birthday) we’re going to Mike Isabella’s restaurant Graffiato. I cannot put into words how excited I am about this. Whenever I look at the menu, my mind kind of goes “aksdjfkadjfkl!!!!!” Cheese, bread, pizza, nutella cookies! Of course almost nothing on that menu would fall into my diet but it’s a birthday so you can splurge right? And technically, I get one cheat meal a week on this diet. I guess this’ll be it. Plus, with the heat index expected to be about 5,802 degrees tomorrow, I can sweat off a bite of that food while walking to and from the Metro right?

Friday we leave for a long weekend at Deep Creek Lake. I’m also excited about this because I’ve never been. I’m somewhat hopeful that I’ll get a decent amount of exercise since being at the lake revolves around a lot of outdoor activities. We’ll be hiking, kayaking and swimming so that’ll keep me active. But I’m also one of those people who loves to know exactly how many calories I burn, and unfortunately those kayak paddles don’t have a calorie counter built in (someone should look into inventing that by the way).

I have no idea what kind of food we’ll find there. I asked a co-worker who vacations there every year if there were any good places to eat and she just made a face. Perhaps that’s a good thing but I’m pretty sure we won’t be finding a ton of healthy options. We might just have to go to a grocery store and find our own food.

Kayaking on Deep Creek Lake

Anyway, the bad part about vacation is that when you come back, it can be hard to talk yourself into getting back into your routine again, especially a routine you just started. I’m lucky that to go to the gym all I have to do is take the elevator down to the second floor. I do, however, have a track record of taking a long time to get back into a routine after vacation. But that’s what this blog is for right? Holding myself accountable.

P.S. If you want to see some photos of the Tough Mudder course currently being built in Wisconsin, you can find them here. That high ramp you have to climb up and then leap off into the water looks higher than the ones I’ve seen on other courses. Right now, that particular obstacle isn’t listed on the map for the one we’re doing but there is a mystery obstacle and I’ve seen this particular wall/diving board obstacle on almost every course so I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up on ours. At least the people in Wisconsin will feel refreshed when jumping into it during the summer. We’re doing it at the end of October. In the mountains of Virginia. Brrrr.