Day One

I want to be a Tough Mudder. The Tough Mudder is advertised as “probably the toughest event on the planet.” For those who know me, running a 10-mile course through mud doesn’t exactly sound like something I would WANT to do. Of course I had no idea I wanted to be a Tough Mudder until Joe signed me up for it. The email conversation went something like this:

Joe: Want to do this? (Sends me link to the Tough Mudder)

Me: (Freaks out, especially upon seeing the part where you run through a field of live wires) Let me think about it.

Ten minutes later:

Joe: I signed us up for it.

At the time he signed me up for it, I had a good six or seven months to prepare. I figured I had plenty of time. Now we’re three months away. On October 22, I will try to be conquering this.

Anyway, now that I’m three months away from subjecting myself to this hellish course, I figured it was time to really prepare. So this blog will chronicle my attempts to get into peak shape. This blog has several goals really:

  • Hold me accountable for training. I’ve said I was going to start training for a couple of months but if I tell everyone I’m doing it, I have to be committed right?
  • Another goal is to lose some weight and really become athletic. Again, putting that goal out there makes me more accountable for it.
  • I’ve wanted to start a blog about something to keep up my writing skills for a while but I didn’t know what to write about. It hit me when I was on the treadmill today that this might be a good subject.

Today was officially day one of my training. Since the Tough Mudder website says that you should be able to run about six miles, I downloaded the Couch to 10K app for my iPod. Although I haven’t worked out much in a few weeks, I knew I wasn’t exactly a couch potato. But taking it one step at a time will make the goal seem more attainable. Today I hopped on the treadmill and did four miles, alternating one minute of running with four minutes of walking. For the first part of the workout, I put the treadmill on a bit of an incline to really get my heart going. Anyway, each week, I’ll add more running time and decrease the walking time.

I also plan to hit the weight room. I’m going to need a lot of upper body strength to lift me up over those 12-foot walls and those cargo nets. Joe and I will probably throw in some p90X and run some drills on weekends (alternating running with strength work).

Love this guy's shirt (from the Colorado Tough Mudder)

The other part is my diet. A few weeks ago I started the Flat Abs Diet. Basically you stick to a series of power foods and try to eat as much of them as you can. You also eat throughout the day so you end up with about five  small meals. I’m a big fan of the diet. You almost never feel hungry and you actually get to eat a lot of good food. When I first started it and I was being strict, I lost about eight pounds. Thanks to too many beers and burgers (my absolute favorite in the summer), I gained some of it back. Anyway, here’s what I ate today to give you an idea of what the diet is like:

Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel thin topped with all natural peanut butter, a banana and four sliced strawberries

Snack: A hard boiled egg

Lunch: A whole wheat hamburger roll with one cooked egg, a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and a slice of turkey bacon

Snack: Some sliced cantaloupe and one low-fat string cheese

Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti (2 oz.) with tomato sauce and three small meatballs

That’s a lot of food right? The total calories only comes out to about 1,500. Of course I did have a couple of cookies after dinner (thanks Mom for giving me leftovers).

So from now until Oct. 22 I hope to keep this blog filled with my progress, fears, and obstacles I have to overcome to get where I want to be. But I WILL be a Tough Mudder!